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July 16, 2018

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It’s not just the team here that loves our Facial Serum.  See what Betsy Aaron with Beauty New NYC has to say.


Seriously, of all the things you need to do each day, is applying serum to your face one of them? By now you know me well enough to know that this question is rhetorical.

Serums penetrate beneath the surface of your skin to deliver deep, long-lasting nourishment. Moisturizers are great at protecting your face from environmental assault and to supply topical hydration– but the benefits don’t last. The molecules of moisturizers are large and act as a barrier. They temporarily hydrate and keep pollutants out but they vanish with time and cleanser. For long- term results, add a serum to your regimen and apply before you moisturize. It’s like taking vitamins or flossing, not complicated but necessary for care that’s more than superficial.

My preference is products that use natural ingredients and since serums penetrate beneath the surface of your skin into your innermost being, doesn’t natural seem like the safest way to nurture?

The Facial Serum from Indie Lee is elegant, effective and as Indie herself promised, simply amazing. Perhaps it should be re-named Truth-in-Advertising-Serum. After using night and day, I was astonished to see how significantly soothed and smoothed my face became. Ingredients include seaweed extract and fruit cell stem cells.

Read more of Betsy’s article in Beauty News NYC.

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