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June 19, 2018

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Restore a moment of peace of quiet this Mother’s Day by soothing an irritated tushie. Indie Lee’s DIY Baby Bum Powder is a chemical-free concoction that will remedy diaper rash and repair delicate skin.


Organic Diaper Rash Powder DIY from Organic Skincare Company, Indie LeeThe key to curing or preventing a diaper rash is to control moisture, the underlying cause of the rash. Our recipe replaces talcum powder, the main ingredient you will find in many store bought alternatives, with cornstarch, to absorb moisture.

Environmental toxins can affect us at any point, so make sure you’re picky about what you’re putting on your precious little one’s skin even during the first months of their lives. I’ve previously written on the dangers of talc: It contains contaminants and has been linked to potent carcinogens like asbestos.

Play it safe and skip out on potentially harmful contaminants.


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PS – while you have the ingredients out for baby, treat yourself to our DIY Dry Shampoo recipe!


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