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June 19, 2018

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You had a fantastic makeover and then splurged on all the fabulous beauty products that were applied to your face. How can you extend the life of your purchases? Over time, all beauty products go bad, but by following these smart rules you can extend the life of your products and help keep yourself and your skin healthy and happy.

  • Avoid touching your beauty products with your fingers and lips. Those parts of the body breed bacteria, can cause your makeup to spoil, and may even make you sick. Instead, use a clean makeup brush or disposable makeup applicator each time you apply your makeup.  Indie is known for keeping craft sticks in her bathroom for that reason, right next to her brushes.
  • Sharpen lip and eye pencils after each application. Then, sanitize your sharpener regularly with rubbing alcohol.
  • Relocate – By placing foundation in the refrigerator between applications, you can extend its life.  Shhh…it’s been rumored that Indie has a mini fridge in her bathroom for her cosmetics and water.
  • Makeup brushes – Wipe clean after each application using a clean baby wipe.
  • Weekly, fill sink or bowl with warm water, up to a tablespoon of shampoo, and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil (A great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal agent.) Wash each brush for 30 seconds before rinsing well to remove cleansing agent. Do not over scrub brushes, as that can ruin them. Air dry brushes on the counter before returning them to your makeup bag.
  • Lipstick – Every two weeks (monthly at a minimum), use a cotton swab to scrape the top layer of lipstick off. Then, submerge the lipstick in rubbing alcohol or vodka (we opt for the vodka!) for up to 30 seconds before letting it air dry.
  • Makeup Bag – Clean the inside of your makeup bag every few weeks with shampoo and warm water or antibacterial wipes – especially during cold and flu season. Turn the bag inside out to air dry. Plastic makeup bags are a healthier alternative to cloth as they don’t breed germs as easily or quickly. To make sure bacteria are eliminated, place your makeup bag in the freezer overnight after cleaning it.
  • Store Correctly – While many women store their beauty products in the bathroom, thinking that a dark drawer or medicine cabinet is a good storage location, think again. The bathroom often gets very hot and humid from your shower, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. A cool dry place, like your linen or bedroom closet, is a much better home for your makeup.

What tricks do you have for keeping your make-up fresh?  We’d love to know!

Team Indie
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