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July 16, 2018

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Feeling aged, worn down or overweight? So are countless other women who have allowed life’s demands to take priority over their personal well being. Regardless of how long you’ve delayed caring for your body and spirit, change is still possible. Check out these five easy and important steps to looking and feeling younger.

Have you laughed lately? Laughter is just one of many easy ways to begin feeling younger and happier.

1)  Take Time for You

Most women march through life caring for others and tending to life’s duties without regularly taking time for themselves. When was the last time you spent the day, or even a few hours, being pampered? As the saying goes, you can’t truly care for others if you aren’t also caring for yourself.

Change your habits by taking an hour or more each day to do something for you. Join a gym, take an art class or do something you’ve always dreamed of doing but always seemed to put off for another day. You’ll likely be amazed at how quickly your energy and happiness returns by making this small change.

2)  Care for Your Face

Think about all the times in a day you catch a glance at your own face; from applying the morning’s makeup to removing that makeup at night, what you see in the mirror can boost your confidence or cause you to feel old. If you aren’t treating your face the right way, you’re probably feeling the latter.

Skin that is properly cleansed and moisturized skin looks healthier and is better equipped to combat the signs of aging. Wash your face morning and night and moisturize using products that contain anti-aging properties. Finally, use all-natural cosmetics that are free of harmful chemicals and additives.

3)  Practice Ashtanga Yoga

Few women take the time needed to tap into their spirits while giving their minds a break from the day’s demands. However, this is one of the most important factors in feeling and looking young. Ashtanga yoga, otherwise known as 8-limb yoga, provides the tools women need to become stronger in spirit, mind and body.

A common worry among women who have never practiced yoga is that they aren’t flexible enough, but you don’t need to be a pretzel to enjoy the rejuvenating and long-lasting benefits of yoga. Rather, the practice is more about finding a teacher who will help you adapt the poses and practices to your personal limits and needs.

4)  Laugh Often

Laughter is an innate human quality. It’s also one of the most beneficial of qualities by increasing oxygen intake and jumpstarting our happiness hormones. Yet it seems the older we get, the harder it is to laugh, especially when you seem to be overwhelmed by life’s demands.

Think about the last time you really laughed and if you can’t remember when that was, find a reason to smile. If you can’t find the humor in life, force out a laugh; our bodies can’t tell the difference between a simulated laugh and a real laugh, but the health benefits are the same. In time, that fake laughter will likely turn into authentic giggles.

5)  Go All Natural

One of the best (and easiest!) changes you can make when striving for that youthful glow is a no-brainer: go all natural. Grocery store shelves and cosmetics counters are lined by products filled with artificial and harmful ingredients, many with possible side effects that haven’t been fully explored. Make the most important change of all by reaching for all-natural foods at the grocery store and by only applying naturally-made cosmetics and skin care products.

Want baby soft skin? Go all natural and reap the benefits.

Feeling younger and happier is as easy as placing priority on your well being and choosing products that offer true anti-aging benefits. Take time each day to relax, laugh and fully enjoy life. Finally, select anti-aging products from Indie Lee that effectively promote healthy skin without the use of chemicals or additives.

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