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July 16, 2018

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Swimsuits and sunshine may feel like a distant dream (especially here in New York), but now that March is halfway over, it isn’t too crazy to to start thinking about summer, and even sooner: Spring Break.
Mention this cultural phenomenon just about to anyone, adult or student, and you can be sure they have at least a dozen fond memories. But whoever chose spring breaks timing was a genius and absolutely insane; while there’s no better feeling than checking out of the dreary winter weather in exchange for a nice tan and sand between your toes, you may find yourself trying to squeeze into that string bikini with less than stellar results – thanks to all those winter treats. That being said, here are a few easy tips to get “bikini body ready”, whether you’re planning to jet off to somewhere tropical or just want to get a jump-start on the spring and summer seasons.
  1. Start everyday off with a glass of warm lemon water. Its been said a million times, but the benefits of swapping out your early morning coffee for  simple drink are endless. Not only does vitamin C help detoxify, but it boosts your metabolism for the day and aids in digestion. That being said- exchange your diet coke (sad, I know) with water to cut down on any bloat.
  2. Say goodbye to those prepackaged processed snacks and hello to clean, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies. Not only are these healthy alternatives better for you, but they will keep you fuller longer.
  3. Snacking throughout the day has been proven to help fight cravings and decrease the chances of a food binge. On the hunt for ice cream? Try a smoothie or a frozen greek yogurt cup. Salty? A small serving of protein rich nuts is your best bet.
  4. Try to proportion your treats out before the hunger hits: you’re much less likely to overindulge on treats when its not eaten straight from the container it comes in. Eating too much of anything in one sitting defeats the purpose of “snacking healthy”.
  5. Switch up your workouts to keep your metabolism on its toes. Try a fun cardio (Indie loves her Zumba) one day, and then weight-based training the next. The Ballet Beautiful workouts keep your body toned and lean while still staying fun. Theres absolutely no reason that your workouts have to be some torturous experience!
  6. Watch out for the hidden calories in your favorite “recreational” beverages – save those precious points for lounging on the beach with your margarita in hand.
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