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June 19, 2018

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We often over hear the same complaints about making the switch to natural beauty products: it’s too difficult; I don’t want to give up my favorite lip stick, lip gloss, hairspray, etc.; or it’s just too expensive. The truth is that none of this has to be true when deciding to switch out dirty products for clean and green ones.

Our advice is simple: take it one product at a time. Most products should last no longer than 6 months, so when that expiration date rolls around, take the opportunity to try something new and natural! Gradually, as you replace your products with natural alternatives, you will see how much better your skin looks and feels!

The key here is moderation. You don’t need to wake up, toss everything in the garbage and start from scratch; but you can start doing your research on what ingredients are in the products you use. That alone is a move in the right direction.

If you want to pick one item to switch immediately, we suggest your body and face moisturizer. Why? Your skin is your largest organ. Approximately 60% of what we put on our body directly enters your blood stream through transdermal absorption, so it’s pretty simple to make the switch when you think about it that way. Find a natural botanical oil to moisturize your body like jojoba or coconut, and we recommend our beloved Squalane Oil for your face (remember, not all oils are equal – mineral-based oils are not absorbed into the skin, they just sit on top and can clog pores).

There are so many incredible natural products on the market, but remember to read your labels. Know which ingredients are safe and which aren’t (our guides are a great place to start). Some other great resources for making the switch are: No More Dirty Looks,, and the Organic Spa Magazine blog. Once you have an idea about which products to look out for and which to avoid, you can start shopping! Here are some of our favorite eco beauty brands for even the most apprehensive switchers:

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