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June 19, 2018

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When you are growing up, it only makes sense to listen to everything your mother tells you. Then, when you leave home your main source of instruction becomes everything you read in beauty magazines and everything you see on TV. But just because someone tells you something, even if they are an “expert” or a “specialist”, that doesn’t make it true. Here are some of the biggest skincare myths out there and we’re going to BUST them for you! Ready to go?

  • MYTH: Hand sanitizer is a good way to keep germs at bay.
    • MYTH BUSTER: Many current hand sanitizers cause microbes to become resistant AND they dry out your skin, leaving you more susceptible to germs and toxins. However, nearly all essential oils ARE anti-microbial!
  • MYTH: Women use more personal care products than anyone else.
    • MYTH BUSTER: Teen participants in an average study use 17 personal care products per day, while the average adult female uses just 12. Teens are already more susceptible to chemical damage than adults, giving them a higher exposure to harmful cosmetic ingredients.
  • MYTH: All products on the market are safe.
    • MYTH BUSTER: More than 80,000 chemicals now in use have never been fully assessed for toxic impacts on human health and the environment. Learn more here.
  • MYTH: If a product claims to be natural, then it is.
    • MYTH BUSTER: Many ‘natural’ products use synthetic fragrances and other toxins lurking within. Always read the back label to be certain your products are natural.

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