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June 19, 2018

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When we think of our beauty routine, we typically tend to think of all the things we have to put on our bodies. We often forget that underneath all the makeup and styling products is a breathing beautiful body that carries all of our dreams, inspiration and wisdom as we go out to the world. Although a little extra lip-gloss and perfume can be just the trick to make us feel confident and empowered, it is equally important to love everything underneath. Our bodies are our home for our entire life, it is important to overflow that space with care and love. Here are four ways to love your body as you beautify yourself throughout the day. These tips and tricks are complemented with an affirmation to create more loving awareness for your already naturally beautiful being.


The head is the mountain peak of the body, the crown of the skeleton. It is home to our minds and should be enriched with a healthy dose of care and attention. Whether you have long Rapuzenel locks or a sassy short do’, take time to care for your hair throughout the day. Deep conditioning with essential oils, combing gently and giving self-scalp massages are simple yet substantial ways to send loving energy to the top of your head. As you treat your hair affirm: “My hair is the soft blanket protecting my mind, I will lovingly maintain its beauty today.”


The face is home to most of our senses. It is first through the face that we make sense of the world, and the world makes sense of us. A smile, furrowed brow or tears are all subtleties expressed in the face that indicate what’s happening in our minds, heart and spirit. Your eyes have warmth and depth, your cheeks flush pink reminding you that life-energy is flowing through you, your teeth are strong to provide nourishment. Look in the mirror with confidence and admire that you are a divine beauty. As you apply your eye-makeup, affirm “I see the good in all situations and in all people.”  When you put on your lipstick or lip balm, state “I am only going to voice words that help, not harm and vow to always speak my truth.” Know that your face is the entry point to all the gorgeousness within.


Our arms and our hands are the tree branches of our being. They extend to others to greet, to hug, to feel, to love. The quality of our hands can be a direct reflection of our hearts; are they inviting and warm? Rough and stiff? Gentle or irritated? By properly taking care of our hands and arms, we are indicating the importance of connection to others. When exfoliating and moisturizing affirm to yourself: “I am treating my hands with love as an expression of the love I feel for human connection.”


Our feet are the roots of our body, grounding us where we are in the present moment. Our legs support us day-in and day-out keeping us upright and strong. We walk in the world, one foot after the other, without even thinking about it; it is an automatic movement our body gifts us with. Because of this, our legs and feet can use a profound dose of pampering. Give your legs a scrub to dust off all the ways you may have fallen down today- forgive yourself, love yourself, and just start fresh. Self-foot massages and pedicures are also wonderful ways to treat your feet and ease away any doubts or worries about the path you are on. You are exactly where you should be, have faith in yourself (and your feet) that you are walking in the right direction. While walking-down the street affirm to yourself “I am grounded in the present moment and trust in the direction of my path.”

Take the tips and affirmations with you throughout your day.  Illuminate your love for yourself from the inside out. and go show your beautiful self to the world!

Nitika Chopra is the founder of the online wellness magazine Your Bella Life, which supports readers weekly with original articles, events and video content. Nitika can also be found hosting her own talk show, titled “Naturally Beautiful” on Veria Living Television on September 24th, 2013.

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