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June 19, 2018

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Here at Indie Lee, we don’t take brand partnerships lightly. We only partner with brands that truly understand who we are and what we do, so when one of our favorite sites Beautylish came knocking, we knew we had to do something special. We have not one, but two exclusives up on the site and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil them today!


When Indie Lee & Co. first launched, this scrub was one of our most popular products so when we decided to bring it back for a re-launch, we gave it a bit of a facelift! The brand new packaging is sleek and bright, but the intoxicating blend of coconut oil, lemon balm and sugarcane is still the same. Use it on your body or your lips and get ready for soft, smooth and delicious-smelling skin! Sold exclusively on Beautylish until November


We always encourage people to mix and match our products to find what works for them, but when we stumbled upon this perfect 5-piece system, we couldn’t keep it to ourselves! Sold as a package, exclusively on Beautylish, we give you our Radiant Skin System:

  • Step 1: Brightening Cleanser to wash and exfoliate
  • Step 2: CoQ-10 Toner to eliminate any excess dirt and oil
  • Step 3: Squalane Facial Oil to hydrate and rejuvenate
  • Step 4: Swiss Apple Facial Serum to repair and regenerate
  • Step 5: Calendula Eye Balm to smooth and brighten

Which Beautylish exclusive are you most excited for and where do you want to see Indie go next? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter! xo

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