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July 17, 2018

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There are so many people out there who we admire, but those who top our list are typically proponents of all-natural and eco-chic lifestyles. In a new ongoing feature, we will be interviewing our favorite green gals and guys and sharing their inspirational stories with our lovely readers! For more incredible inspiration, follow Sarita on Twitter.

How did you get started in the beauty world?

Beauty exists within everyone. I have one son who literally sees everyone as beautiful. One time he was moved to tears because he told a woman that she was beautiful and she said she thought she was ugly. He grew visibly upset because he could not understand how a person he saw as so beautiful could think she was ugly. I wish that everyone could see themselves in that light.

Beauty has always been part of my world. My mom is turn-your-head beautiful—even to this day. She miraculously survived the Holocaust by hiding with different families who saved her. After the war, she grew up in an orphanage in Israel. Later, she won the Miss Israel contest and first runner-up in Miss World, followed by a short but successful career as an actress in Hollywood (my parents met because my father saw my mom on the Tonight Show). Interestingly enough, she never placed an emphasis on external beauty, but rather on the good deeds a person does and on compassion for others. Her face shows what years of kindness can do—few wrinkles and a flawless complexion using the simplest routine and never getting facials. Her message lives with me until today. She’s a true beauty from the inside out.

Why do you think everyone should opt for a natural regimen?

I believe that leading a more holistic life realigns us with our true, natural selves. Stripping away chemicals not only alleviates the toxic load which blocks our systems, but it also affects our environment. Many people don’t think about where those chemicals are going after we wash them off. Those same chemicals enter our waterways and pollute the world. We have to see the bigger picture.

What does Eco-Chic mean to you?

Eco-Chic defines someone who embraces their natural, inherent beauty and freely expresses it in whatever form it takes. There are many faces and colors to Eco-Chic and that’s what makes the possibilities endless and unique. Eco-Chic is more than just a passing trend. It’s a lifestyle. The movement includes consideration for people by trading fairly and not using harmful ingredients, and for the planet by wasting less and using eco-friendly products.

Describe your morning and evening beauty routine.

My kids know that I need my bathroom time! It is my haven for getting in vital self-pampering and pleasure before the day’s schedule unfolds. I love taking time in the morning to awaken my senses by gently exfoliating my skin with a light cleanser. If I’m in the mood, I might put on a mask before I shower and do some dry brushing while it’s setting. My whole body starts to wake up and tingle! My showers are truly indulgent. I’ve got numerous products that smell delicious, plus a few scrubs to keep my skin smooth. I rarely get any “chicken skin” on my body any more. After the shower come the facial mists, then the oils that I press into dampened skin on my face and body. I make sure to breathe in the fragrances which are totally natural and luxurious.

These rituals ground me and prepare me for the busy day ahead, like getting five fabulous kids ready for school (thankfully, they’re incredibly independent!). Then there’s makeup on the go, sometimes in the car or quickly at home. This consists of sunscreen, foundation (a must!), a dab of blush, and a swipe of lipstick if I’m lucky! Mascara and eyeliner use depends on the day.

To wind down at night, I love massaging my face with a luxurious oil cleanser when there’s time.  If I’m exhausted or have dozed off with the kids only to awaken to a dirty face, I reach for a wipe and call it a night! Once I remove makeup, toner follows to ensure my skin is clean but not taught or dry. Then a light mist and oil or lotion round out the routine.

Every day the products vary depending on what my skin needs or what textures and scents are beckoning me. That’s how I became familiar with many different lines. I immerse myself in them, carefully selecting results-driven brands, like Indie Lee (though I MUST try more of your products!). I happen to be quite particular about which ones I keep using. I also love supporting small businesses because I feel like every purchase makes a difference.

How do you live everyday to the fullest?

Connecting to people in a meaningful way makes me glow from the inside out. Whether it’s a dialogue between kindred spirits, looking deeply into my kids’ eyes, hugging someone who needs it, those moments bond us as a whole. We are all united in spirit, and it’s important to keep that in our hearts at all times. Unity brings peace to this world in ways that laws and regulations can never accomplish.

What’s your favorite DIY project?

I love taking simple kitchen ingredients and turning them into potent skin food, like masks and exfoliating scrubs. It’s easy, effective, and so much fun. Then I write about my creations on my blog or for WishGarden Herbs, a website that carries fantastic healing products.

Describe your perfect afternoon.

My perfect afternoon would have no homework for the kids! I dislike homework and don’t believe in it. Who goes to work all day and wants to bring home more? It’s only ok sometimes, if you get paid for it! I love going to the park with a picnic and hanging out. The kids would bring their kites, run, play, and be free. We would bring games to play or make them up. I’d have a good book and read between games. Bliss!

Who is your greatest hero?

Aren’t we all heroes in our own right? Don’t we overcome challenges every day, champion causes, support others, and give abundant love to those who need it most (our families)? To me, we are truly all heroes and I tip my hat to you for making it this far.

Where do you find everyday inspiration?

Inspiration must come from within. I spent a lot of time looking for it only to find that it didn’t last long. When I awaken to my inner inspiration, that spark of knowing in my heart that things are much greater than they appear, I feel fulfilled. In turn, I wish to inspire others to seek within their hearts for the inspiration that exists within them too. My father, who passed when I was 10, used to say, “I believe there is more good than bad in people.” I fully agree. This gives me hope. I also know that we can only see a glimpse of the truth in this world and that the bigger picture is so enormous that our brains could not handle it.

Lastly, your life philosophy:

Live fully. Be true to yourself. Laugh from the belly. Love deeply. Have compassion for others. Know that you are loved. Always.

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