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July 16, 2018

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People are always asking me about my daily skincare routine. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share it with you – and introduce you the products featured in our complete Anti-Aging Kit.

Now I know you will all be shocked to find out I’m not in my 30’s anymore.  So hard as it is to admit publically, the anti-aging gift set is my daily skin care routine.  YUP – I’m 42 and proud of it.  What I’m most proud of is that in the majority of pictures you see of me…I am not wearing foundation.  I don’t typically wear a lot of makeup; a little eye liner, eye shadow lately, mascara and pop of lip color and I’m off and running (if it’s the dead of winter – I will have some blush on).

Here’s how I keep my skin glowing and subtle on a daily basis:


I cleanse my face in the shower, while it’s not in this kit…I use our Brightening Cleanser every morning. I then towel off and put a drop or two of our Squalane Facial Oil and the Swiss Apple Facial Serum in my hand and pat it onto my entire face and décolletage.

Voila…that’s it.  Honestly, since I started using this regimen I haven’t had to use foundation.  My skin has never been more radiant.  The secret is truly in the Squalane and Facial Serum.  It’s just that good.



I cleanse/remove makeup with our Brightening Cleanser and my Clarisonic  Mia (the perfect duo).  Evenings, I use a small dab of our Calendula Eye Balm around my orbital bone and I repeat my morning routine of our Squalane Facial Oil and Swiss Apple Facial Serum application.

Now there are always exceptions.  Sundays are spa day in my house.  Most Sunday’s I apply a clay mask while I wash my makeup brushes.  When I get a blemish – yes it does happen…I reach for the Blemish Lotion or some Manukah Honey.


What’s your regimen?


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