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July 17, 2018

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I’m often asked why I started the line with baby products. Especially when I was in my thirties, and my kids were well out of their toddler years, when I was diagnosed.  The truth is that I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis before I knew I had the brain tumor.  I had just built a beautiful greenhouse (750 square feet) in my back yard and cleared land to farm organically grown edible flowers and produce.  Then I suddenly found myself unable to work in the dirt.  That’s after I had already planted 1000’s of plants – we are talking a lot of Calendula and Lavender.  A LOT.

At the same time, my sister announced she was pregnant.  The thought of her putting potentially toxic products on my newborn nephews bum was enough to throw me into autopilot.  Through my research on organic farming, gardening I started to learn about babies being born with a toxic load and now we are going to add to it by slathering them with phthalates?  Let’s not even talk about their non existent immune system.  Not on my watch.  So I decided to create some baby products with my kids using the ingredients that I had grown (in surplus).  We would unveil our craft at her baby shower.  Side note:  I admit I am an A-Type personality.  I mean, we didn’t just put creams in a  jar.  No, I created a logo, professional labels, adorable packaging.  The moms went wild. I instantly knew I was on to something.  Think Diane Keaton in Baby Boom.  

I started making more products for moms that were pregnant or had just given birth.  I even made a few things for myself (The Body Scrub that still gets rave reviews).  Well, as I’ve said in other posts the divine intervention occurred and I was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. One that the doctors felt was environmentally derived.  That’s when the baby collection spawned their own children in the form of the adult product line.   I realized that in addition to formulating natural products, I needed to share what I learned and continue to learn.   I needed tell the public who is really monitoring the beauty industry (answer: no one) and more importantly I had to advocate for healthier choices.





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