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June 19, 2018

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One of the best questions I’m constantly asked is what I am most grateful for. For me being grateful is about an experience at a particular place in time…whereas I try to live in gratitude which is really a lifestyle choice. I’m eternally blessed and so many beautiful things come into my life on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can be as simple as the perfect morning hike where I am able to be inspired by nature and other times it’s a heart felt email from a fan or colleague that reminds me I’m on the right path.

However, there are five things I am grateful for that are always a constant:

My Outlook: Perhaps it’s how I was born or something I learned from my father, but I am a glass is full and overflowing with champagne kinda gal. I can remember back to my days at HBO, when my boss changed my office door name plate to read Mary Poppins. The truth is I don’t really know another way. Yes, I do have off days, but I’m blessed with the ability to take a step back and know there is something to learn from it. I’ve always believed you learn more from you failures than your successes. So I embrace risk from a place of knowing that it will always turn out the way its meant to be. I just happen to believe it’s meant to be extraordinary.

My Health (then): I still stand by my comment that the brain tumor was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. When life throws you some lemons – you get to make some tough choices. I chose to create something I am passionate about, a legacy that I can leave to say I was here and made a difference.  I don’t know that I would have had the courage or inspiration had I not been diagnosed.

My Health (now): What some may not realize is that I currently have another brain tumor; call me crazy, but I’m just as grateful for it as I am for the first one (which I called Herman).  In fact, I named this one Hermione. Unlike Herman, who I kicked to the curb on April 22, 2009 (surgically speaking), I plan to live indefinitely with Hermione. I believe that this tumor is here to remind me how precious life is, not to get complacent and never settle. It’s a daily reminder that life is meant to be lived fully.  Don’t get me wrong, I do have it checked out regularly by specialists (I mean, I’m not crazy). But I am assured that as long as it stays put (which I know it will) I should plan to live a long life. I have no plans to do otherwise.

My Team: It’s true. I have the honor of working with the most incredible group of individuals. Each one of us has different strengths that compliment each other. We all work with respect for one another and there is a true sense of camaraderie and passion for what we are creating. When we come together and interweave these gifts it creates the most beautiful tapestry. I don’t think I could ask for a better team.

My Kids: I have two incredible children. They continue to teach me everyday how beautiful life is and how precious each moment can be. No matter where Indie Lee & Co takes me on this journey called life, they will always be my greatest accomplishment.

What beautiful blessings are you grateful for?


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