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May 24, 2018

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A few weeks ago, I was feeling restless for no reason in particular. A gut feeling that I was not as connected with myself as I wanted to be swept over me. Call it divine intervention, connectedness or just sheer luck but within minutes of feeling that way, a dear friend messaged me to invite me to the farm he is creating and cultivating, to see what he was up to.

For those of you who don’t know, I love to garden. I’m so passionate about it that I built a 750 square foot greenhouse in my backyard, to extend my growing season. Whether it’s cleaning out vegetable beds, planting, watering, or sitting underneath my ultra-chic chandelier (yes, I have a crystal chandelier in my greenhouse) – I love it and can’t seem to get enough of it. The connection to the land energizes me.

So, there I was on a Wednesday morning, work boots on, ready to walk through the beautiful oasis that my friend Francis has helped create.

Upon my arrival at my friend’s farm, I was instantaneously transformed.

I literally ran from raised bed to bed, touching all the beautiful plants, amazed at the size of the basil leaves (which were as big as my hands), in awe of how the morning dew danced on fennel froths, watching honey bees start the day from their hives, and feeling a genuine oneness with the land.

While Francis walked me through this little slice of heaven, a peacock came to check us out, as did the rescue horses in their corral that adjoined the garden. You could actually hear and feel nature when you stood still.

Then Francis said “I want to show you something. Peppers…scotch bonnet peppers”. “Cool” (actually really HOT), I said , but what I was really thinking was “these are just peppers.” Then, when Francis smiled his mischievous jovial grin, I realized, those weren’t just any scotch bonnet peppers. They were grown from seeds of a plant he had received from my greenhouse years and years ago.  So cool, I thought to myself with a wide smile of my own.

As I think about it now, I realize that stewardship: the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s carepassing along seeds and knowledge from one farmer to the next can seem so inconsequential, but mean so much. Taking  care of the land, loving its creatures large and small and finding beauty in all that surrounds us is what its all about.




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