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May 24, 2018

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What better way to celebrate summer and all-things-indie than with a few of my fave songs? Grab your headphones, turn up the sound, and banish those Monday morning blues with these five jams I’ve hand selected to lift your spirit:

“Sunrise” – Yeasayer

I love early mornings; especially those that are early enough to experience the sun rise. There’s nothing more exciting than the promise of a sunrise. Yeasayer couldn’t have said it better with their lyrics “I want to get in the sunrise.”

“Stay Forever” – Panama

To me, this song feels like a beautiful dream. It’s a reminder of how precious life is and how important it is to live in each moment.

“In The Grass” – Vacationer

All good things in life are wild and free. Like this song.

“Go Outside” – Cults

No need to read between the lines of these lyrics!  Every time I hear this one, I want to kick off my shoes, head outdoors and just relax.

“Sunlight” – The Magician

I first heard this song last summer, and its been at the top of my playlist ever since. Talk about a summertime jam!


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