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July 25, 2017

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Eco-Chic Star Stella McCartney

Eco-Chic Star Stella McCartney

Here at Indie Lee, we love supporting other businesses that opt for an eco-friendly approach, so purchasing a pair of Stella McCartney wedges seemed like a no-brainer (plus, what a great excuse to buy a new pair of shoes!).

Stella McCartney is a British Fashion designer who embraces an eco friendly attitude in her collection. All Stella McCartney stores and offices in the UK are powered by wind energy and 45% of their operations are run on 100% renewable, green energy. As for the actual products, the eco collection uses organic cotton, recycled fabrics, and is animal friendly. Stella McCartney believes in, “creating pieces that aren’t going to get burned, that aren’t going to landfills, that aren’t going to damage the environment.”

The popularity and admiration of the line shows that going green can be chic and sexy. Cameron Diaz and Jessica Alba have been seen wearing Stella McCartney, along with many other celebrities.



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