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June 19, 2018

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The holidays are all about giving & being thankful for time spent with family & friends, its also means parties! What better way to keep your look fresh, fun and festive this holiday season then with your best accessory: nail art. Kick-start your look this season with this chic Hanukkah look (incorporating 3-Free of COURSE!).


  1. Use your favorite base-coat in order to protect your nail.
  2. Apply your favorite blue (we used Butter London’s “Royal Navy“, but Acquarella’s “Shalom” would  be perfect too!)
  3. Apply bebe’s “Blue Jean bebe” for a subtle blue glitter hue.
  4. While your nail is slightly tacky, dip a paint brush in your favorite silver glitter & apply to each nail, concentrating most of the glitter at the beginning of your nail, and less towards the tip. Do this for each nail.
  5. Apply a silver glitter coat (try Essie’s “Set in Stones”) on an accent nail, to create an even more glittery effect.
  6. Finish off with a topcoat . We used Butter London’s Matte Finish Top Coat, creating an interesting contrast with the glitter.
Now its time to show your masterpiece off at your next party!