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June 19, 2018

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We’re always looking for cute ways to spruce up our office using what we already have lying around, and this easy DIY adds the exact amount of sparkle we’re looking for. Using any sort of clear, glass container (think: mason jar) plus your favorite glitter, you’ll be left with a stylish way to display anything from pens to make-up brushes. 

To get started, you’ll need a clear, glass container, glue or modge podge, a brush, and your favorite glitter.


Begin by covering the inside of the container completely with glue. Make sure you don’t leave any spots bare or you’ll have an uneven finish.


Pour the glitter into the container, making sure to cover all the sides. The more glitter, the better!


Pour out any extra sparkles onto a plate and put them back into their container so you have plenty for next time!


After the glue dries (15-20 minutes), cover the inside with more glue, so you create a seal (we love glitter, but we don’t love it all over our stuff!).


Done! Now you’re left with a beautiful and sparkly container, and a much prettier work space!

Team Indie
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