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July 16, 2018

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Guilty pleasure confession…I love coffee! And in the summer I live for iced coffee. Yes, I’ve read the good, the bad, etc. on why we should or shouldn’t drink coffee but here’s how I see it: it makes me happy, I don’t overdose, and life is too short to give up everything. I have one cup in the morning and sometimes I’ve been known to call an office Starbucks run in the afternoon. So maybe my love runs so deep that this past holiday a Verismo System V.585 landed on my doorstep. This of course led to some (very) short-lived guilt about cheating on my local Starbucks barista, but I digress.

Recently while surfing Pinterest one lazy Sunday I saw the most brilliant pin. I mean for me, it was one of those slap-myself-on-the-head “why didn’t I think of that?!” pins. Iced Coffee made with…wait for it…”coffee ice cubes.”  I know, genius, right?!  Here I was complaining about how I don’t drink my iced coffee fast enough and then it ends up watered down and the answer was literally right in front of me (I consider my Pinterest followers to be my cl0se, personal friends, FYI).

So how do you create such a miracle concoction? Wait for it…you freeze coffee in ice cube trays! Wanna get crazy? Freeze flavored coffee in the ice cube trays. I know, genius!

You’re welcome and happy sipping.

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