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July 17, 2018

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We’re always on the hunt for stylish (and practical!) ways to wear our hair up, so when we found cute ribbon hair ties at Sephora, we were instantly hooked. Coming in at $8.50 per pack of 8, the ties not only looked cute in our hair but on our wrists too – purchasing them was a no-brainer. But, as all hair ties do, one by one the pack disappeared, and instead of shelling out another $8.50, we decided to head down to the local fabric store and found them selling the same elastic for less than half of what we paid for pre-made ones. Total Ah-Ha moment. Read more after the jump:

Not only did nine yards of elastic only cost $7.30, but we were able to choose from every and any color you could possibly think of. Plus, it was so simple; even if you have a crafting handicap, there’s no way you could mess this up!

Here’s how to DIY:

1. Purchase your elastic: We bought aqua, bright red, key lime, black and brown in the traditional style for $0.50 a yard, and fushia iridescent, lavender and purple in the glitter for $1.20.

2. Measure out your ribbon: Because each style has a different stretch to it, we found that about 10 inches for the traditional, and 12 inches for the glitter seemed to be perfect.

3. Fold the ribbon in half: This is when it gets tough…

4. Knot it up: Leave about a 3/4 inch tail (or however long you prefer!).

Finished! After doing the math (four ties for $0.50!), its pretty silly to think we’d ever purchase pre-made ones again! The entire project took about 10 minutes, and we were left with enough hair ties to last us forever (or at least until the end of the summer!)

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