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July 16, 2018

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Bad Ingredients

a reference guide to goodness

Our commitment to our customers and the planet's well being is our first priority. For your reference, we've compiled a list of ingredients that we believe should be avoided.


Find it in: Many cosmetics and personal care products.

Health concerns: May be contaminated with impurities, linked to cancer or other significant health problems; clogs pores; can pass through the brain barrier and cause ADD/ Dyslexia symptoms. Acne producing, may be carcinogenic, causes dry skin, respiratory toxins, and may causes dizziness. Restricted in EU.

Used as:  Forms barrier on skin; makes lipsticks shine and creams smoother; inexpensive skin softener.


Find it in: Many cosmetics and personal care products.

Health concerns: Immune system toxicant; developmental and reproductive toxin; respiratory toxicant; probable neurotoxin; possible carcinogen and endocrine disruptor.

Used as:  Fragrance ingredient; Plasticizer; Solvent.

Polyethylene Glycol

Find it in: Hair care, personal care and cosmetics.

Health concerns: Known carcinogen in animals.

Used as:  Emulsifier; Emollient.

Also known as: PEG; 1,4-dioxane, polyethylene.

Sodium Laurel / Laureth Sulfate

Find it in: Many cosmetics, personal and hair care products

Health concerns: Skin irritant; rapidly absorbed into the heart, liver, brain and eyes which can cause long term effects; linked to cataracts in adults and inhibiting proper development of children’s eyes; skin structure, allowing other chemicals to penetrate deep into the skin, increasing the amounts of other chemicals that reach the bloodstream; animal studies show sense organ effects

Used as:  To enhance foaming action; Surfactant; Penetration enhancer.

TEA (Triethanolamine)

Find it in: Hand & body lotion, shaving creams, soap, shampoo, bath powders and moisturizer.

Health concerns: mildly toxic, eye irritant and sensitizer Immune system toxicant; possible carcinogen; animal studies show endocrine disruption; may trigger asthma; forms carcinogenic nitrosamine compounds if mixed with nitrosating agents.

Used as: Fragrance ingredient, pH adjuster; Surfactant.


Find it in: Nail polish and hair dye.

Health concerns: Liver toxin; probable developmental, nervous system and respiratory toxin; possible cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, renal and sense organ toxin; possible carcinogen and reproductive toxin; irritant; highly flammable.

Used as: Antioxidant; Solvent to improve adhesion and gloss.


Find it in: Many personal care products.

Health concerns: Probable endocrine disrupter and carcinogen; easily bio-accumulates to dangerous levels; irritant; animal studies show reproductive and other broad systematic effects; potentially contaminated with impurities linked to cancer and other significant health problems. Restricted in Japan and Canada

Used as: Cosmetic Biocide; Deodorant Agent; Preservative.