Dealing with Bug Bites, the Clean Way

Dealing with Bug Bites, the Clean Way

After returning from a weekend spent outdoors at a lake house, I found myself rudely awoken in the middle of the night with a terrible itch all over my feet from what seemed like a million little bug bites. I couldn’t sleep and I didn’t have an antihistamine in the house for immediate relief.

So – what can you do in this circumstance?

First, always try and prevent them in the first place by choosing scents and moisturizers that use essential oils that won’t attract insects in the great outdoors. I also like to wear long sleeve and long pants (with socks - I know an attractive look) at dusk. For others who tend to be a bug magnet, I’m sure you can relate. However, if it’s too late and you’re in a middle-of-the-night bind like I was, head to your beauty cabinet and search for soothing skincare ingredients in products that you already have stocked on your shelves:

  • Calendula Oil – Known for its anti-inflammatory properties that ease the immediate sting or itch of a bug bite. It’s also great for help healing cuts and wounds, if you’ve accidentally scratched open a bite from too much itching.

  • Avocado Oil – It’s super soothing for instant relief. You can also grab a fresh avocado from your kitchen, mash it up, and apply it directly if you’re really desperate! (Just note - it’s messy)

  • Mango Butter – Known for its regenerative properties, Mango Butter acts quickly as an emollient to seal in and protect the affected area.

The product I reach for? Our Calendula Eye Balm – a brilliant multi-tasker that works wonderfully for soothing bites.

Xx, Indie