The Ritual

Indie Lee Clarity Products

Let’s face it - creating a skincare routine can be daunting. What comes first, serum or moisturizer? To tone or not to tone? The steps and combinations can be endless and overwhelming.

We like to get personal. That’s why we created the Ritual, our customizable approach to skincare. It's all about simple selection with effective results. Each icon represents a step in the Ritual.

Prepare: The essential, cleansing first step for face & body. Shop Prepare products

PerfectThe skin priming step to optimize performance of following products. These include your toners and exfoliants. Shop Perfect products

Prevent: The step for results-driven products - whether it's routine or as desired. Think serums, eye products and targeted solutions - for visible results. Shop Prevent products

Protect: The final step to help defend skin from external stressors. It includes your oils, moisturizers and creams. Shop Protect products

Boost: The step for a little something extra. “Boost” products are add-ons like our Banish Stick and Meditation Facial Mist; they amplify the effects of the previous Ritual steps. Shop Boost products