This One’s For The Body

This One’s For The Body

With skincare being at the center of every beauty routine, we’re constantly being bombarded with new products, must-have gadgets, and best practices promising us youthful, healthy, ever-glowing skin, but what about our body? After all, skincare does technically refer to all of our skin, and while our facial routines may need a little extra attention, our bodies could use some TLC. We’re walking you through our head-to-toe summer body routine, so you can glow all over while on the beach. 

We know exfoliating our faces is beneficial, and not surprisingly, it’s great for skin everywhere. Exfoliating is key to achieving smooth luminous skin. Exfoliating at least once a week (effortless to incorporate in any bathing routine) can help remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft and looking glossy. Our oil-intensive scrub Coconut Citrus Body Scrub eliminates the need for a post-exfoliating moisturizer since the oil-rich formula has dual hydrating and cleansing capabilities, plus it smells like a tropical dream. If you’re craving a gentler way to exfoliate, our unique soaks (I-Recover Body Soak & Sleep Soak)  combine the soothing properties of a bath soak with gentle exfoliation to add much needed moisture to dry skin. Whichever you choose, you can be confident you're doing your body a favor, plus the clean formulas are always free of environmentally-harmful plastic microbeads. 

While exfoliating may be the first step in achieving that glowy summer bod, keeping your skin moisturized is arguably the best way to get an immediate radiance all over. Post-showing, in the morning, at the beach, before bed- there’s no bad time to massage some of your favorite body butter all over for a refreshing dose of hydration. Remedy cracked skin, prevent dryness, and give your body a boost of luminosity that keeps skin soft and supple.  

Find a moisture match based on your skin’s needs. Which formula is your skin craving?

Intense moisture that comes in a spray. Reach for our carefully blended body oils, available in three distinct scents De-stress, Energize, and Sleep. Jojoba oil hydrates and smoothes while Grapeseed oil provides moisture and antioxidant benefits. Blended with Marula oil to soften skin exposed to environmental stressors, these body oils are great for all skin, especially dry skin. The easy spray bottle makes spritzing yourself a breeze wherever you are. 


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Decadent moisture and rich consistency. Look no further than our Whipped Body Butter. Perfectly air-whipped for easy absorption, this nourishing, antioxidant blend of Moringa, Jojoba, Argan and Marula Oils hydrates and smooths. Shea Butter optimizes skin condition while Bergamot and Mandarin Orange Oils leave skin feeling soft and supple.


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