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Indie-stry Guru: Annie Jackson of Credo

Our Indie-stry Gurus series highlights people who are paving the way where no one previously has, walking a path much less traveled, or building a legacy totally different than the rest. They are thought leaders and provokers from all different industries - beauty, wellness and beyond. They’re the people who ask not just “How?” but “Why?”, and most of all, they’re empowering others with knowledge, education and inspiration.

This month we're talking to Annie Jackson, co-founder of clean retailer, Credo. We cover her journey from conventional to clean beauty, as well as unexpected struggles and successes - we love her...

Indie Lee Profile

How My Journey Began

Let’s face it. The skin is our largest organ and we aren’t always aware of the ingredients in the products we use. And don’t even get me started o...

September 24, 2018
Ancient Egypt
Beauty History

Ancient Egypt

Though cave drawings from thousands of years before show beauty rituals already existed, many modern beauty practices are linked directly to the a...

May 01, 2018
Indie Lee Surgery

See Ya Later Herman

At long last, it is time to bid good riddance to Herman and close down the indie.removes.herman email account. It is hard for me to believe that o...

May 29, 2009
Indie Lee on Beach

T-17 Days until Surgery

I apologize for the delay in this update. It’s hard to believe but only 17 days left until surgery and the beginning of my life without Herman. Fo...

April 05, 2009
Indie Lee in mountains

A Date Has Been Picked

I am pleased to finally announce a surgical date has been scheduled. I am scheduled to have surgery on Wednesday, April 22nd at NYU Hospital. Afte...

March 17, 2009