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Indie Lee stands for clean beauty skincare and we formulate all of our clean skin care products with you and the planet in mind.

“If you would have told me that I was going to be a skincare founder, I would not have believed you,” says a smiling Indie, reminiscent of her younger, more timid self. The same version of herself that was jolted from a quiet life when she was diagnosed with a life-threatening tumor that was believed to be environmentally derived. “It was my awakening,” she says affirmatively, “I was given a finite amount of time to live, and I realized I was just a passenger in my own life.” She started blogging under the name Independent Lisa in an effort to reclaim the narrative of her life, but this quickly evolved into so much more, morphing into her new name and identity: Indie Lee.

After surviving a successful surgery on Earth Day 2009 (yes, really.), she embarked upon a new journey dedicated to inspiring others to get into life’s driver’s seat while prioritizing the importance of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. With that came the realization that our lifestyle and the environment we live in can not only profoundly impact our overall health, but the health, resilience, and appearance of our skin too. “I always thought about what I was putting in my body, but never truly considered what I was putting on it,” and so, Indie Lee skincare was born. A carefully curated line of products that are formulated with high-performance, plant-derived ingredients made to nurture you and your skin.“Education and empowerment are my driving forces, and this line is the medium enabling me to pay my knowledge forward.”

There is no doubt that Indie has come a long way since her humble beginnings. From selling her products at local farmer’s markets to partnerships with major beauty retailers, Indie Lee continues to formulate clean, effective products while maintaining the inspirational joie de vivre that put her on the map. Her brand continues to touch the lives (and faces) of so many. “Every day, I’m still in awe of how far the brand has come,” says Indie, “But what excites me even more, is where we will go. Buckle up, we’re just getting started.” 


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We believe it's time to embrace conscious consumerism. We create top-rated skincare that is always clean, cruelty-free & created with sustainable practices.

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