As a member of our Affiliate Program, you can earn up to 15% commission when your visitors buy from

The Benefits of Joining

  • Up to 15% commission on sales

  • 30 Day Cookie Window

  • It’s free to join!

How do I apply?

  • Simply create an Affiliate Account on Impact and fill out a short application to join our program.

  • We will review your application and contact you if you are accepted into the Affiliate Program.

How do I earn commissions?

  • You can get started by sending people to using your unique affiliate link or our creative banners. If friends, family, or followers make a purchase through your unique link or our banners, you'll receive a commission of up to 15% of the paid order value, excluding shipping charges. We currently only offer referral links (no coupon codes).

  • Access our product data feed and promote key launches on your channels to ensure your visitors are the first to know.

Does being an Affiliate cost anything?

  • Being an Indie Lee Affiliate is free!  There are no fees to apply or maintain your Affiliate status.

Are there posting requirements or sales minimums that I have to meet?

  • There are no sharing or posting requirements or penalties for lack of sales.

Do I get samples or full-sized products sent to me?

  • Participation in the Affiliate Program does not guarantee that you will receive free products or samples from Indie Lee.

Can I promote brands other than Indie Lee?

  • Our Affiliate Program is non-exclusive. You can promote other brands along with Indie Lee. 

Do my followers and I get a discount for subscribing to your newsletter?

  • We offer 15% off your first purchase when you sign up to receive emails and texts from us.  Sign up here.

How do I resign from the Affiliate Program?

  • If you want to leave the program, please reach out to and ask to be removed. Your Affiliate account and referral link will be disabled, and you will not receive commission payments from that point forward.

For further questions regarding the Indie Lee Affiliate Program, please email