Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I join the Rewards program?

If you’ve placed an order on since 2018, you’re already a member! Some activities (such as Points for Purchases and the First Purchase Bonus) automatically earn points, even if you haven’t created an account. To view your points balance and Rewards activity, simply log into your account and go to the Rewards page. If you've never created a login on the website, create one using the same email address you’ve used with past orders, and your points will be there waiting.

How do I earn Rewards points?

Your order activity, social media behavior, and website engagement all help you to earn points. See the “Ways to Earn Points” section above for current earning options.

How do I redeem points?

There are two ways to redeem points:  for a free product or for a discount at checkout.

  • Redeeming points for a free product is done from the Rewards page. See the “Redeem Points for Products” section above for current redemption options. Scroll through the options and click “Redeem Now” below the product of your choice to add it to your cart. You must have at least one paid product in your cart to redeem points for free products. Free product assortment is subject to availability, and rain checks are not available. 
  • Redeeming points for a discount can be done via the Rewards sticky bar or at checkout. If you're redeeming points for a discount at checkout, look for a dropdown menu named “Choose Reward,” select the Reward you’d like to use, then click “Apply.” Please note that your cart must contain qualified products that equal or exceed the discount amount. Rewards discounts cannot be used with other discount codes and cannot be applied to bundles, gift cards, subscriptions or final sale items. See the “Redeem Points for Discounts” section above for current redemption options. 
Where can I view my Rewards activity?

To see all of your point-earning and redemption activity, log into your account and go to the Rewards page. Click or tap on “View History,” which can be found just below your current points balance.

Do my points expire?

Indie Lee Insider Rewards Points do not expire and are yours for the lifetime of your membership! You earned them!

What’s the difference between the tier levels?

Our Rewards tiers are based on spending thresholds. The more you spend, the higher tier you reach, and the more exclusive perks you enjoy! See the “Rewards Perks” section above for full details.

What do I need to do to maintain my Rewards tier?

You must meet the tier spending threshold every 12 months from the anniversary date that you first entered the tier in order to maintain your tier level. For example, if you spent $500 and reached the Icon tier on January 1, you would have to spend another $500 by December 31 to maintain Icon status and enjoy Icon perks. As a courtesy, we send out text and email reminders 30 days before your tier status is due to expire. You can also Contact Us directly to confirm your tier expiration date.

How does the “Refer a Friend” feature work?

When you refer friends and family to Indie Lee, they get 15% off their first order, and you get 300 points ($15 value) added to your Rewards balance. Share your referral link from the Rewards page (see “Refer a Friend” section) or from the Refer A Friend page (be sure to log in first). The referral points are added to your balance after the referred person completes their first order. Please allow up to 7 days after the friend's order has been placed for referral points to be added to your balance.

How can I tell if someone I referred has placed an order?

To view redemption status for your referrals, go to the Refer A Friend page and click on “Your Referrals.” You can also access this information on the Rewards page by scrolling down to the "Refer A Friend" section, and clicking on “Referral History.” 


I don’t know what Rewards tier I’m in.

To see what Rewards tier you’re in, log into your account, go to the Rewards page, scroll down to the “Rewards Perks” section, and look for a “YOU ARE HERE” notation above one of the tier columns.

I don’t know when my tier level expires.

You can find your tier anniversary in your Rewards activity (go the Rewards page and click on "View History"). If you haven't met the minimum spend threshold for your current tier within 12 months, your account will automatically downgrade to the tier that aligns with your previous 12 months' spend. We also send out text and email reminders 30 days before your tier status expires. Be sure to save to your address book or safe list so that these reminders go straight to your inbox. We’re also happy to look the date up for you, so feel free to Contact Us any time.

I completed an activity but I didn’t receive the points.

Make sure you’re logged into your Indie Lee account before completing point-earning activities. Be sure to also disable your popup blocker and allow cookies so that activities can be automatically linked to your account. Some activity may take several business days to be reflected in your account. If you’re still not seeing the expected points after 7 days, Contact Us.

I redeemed points for a discount code but didn’t end up using it.

You can always view past Rewards redemptions (including unused codes) by logging into your account, then going to the Rewards page and clicking on "View History.”

I referred a friend, but didn’t receive my referral bonus.

Our referral feature adds 300 points to your Rewards balance after a referred friend places their first order using your referral link. If it's been at least 7 days since your friend placed their order and you still haven't received the Referral Bonus, some possible reasons might be:

  • It wasn't your friend's first order. The Referral Bonus is only rewarded for referring new customers who have never ordered from us before.
  • You tried to refer yourself. Self-referrals are not allowed in our referral program.
  • You referred someone living in the same household. If certain customer information matches yours, our referral system will not consider this a "new" customer and the Referral Bonus will not be rewarded.

To view redemption status for your referrals, go to the Refer A Friend page and click on “Your Referrals.” You can also access this information on the Rewards page by scrolling down to the "Refer A Friend" section, and clicking on “Referral History.”

I didn't get my birthday points.

You must add your birthday to your Rewards profile at least 30 days in advance to receive the Birthday Bonus. Make sure you're logged into your account first. Then go to the Rewards page and scroll down to the “Ways to Earn Points” section. Look for the Birthday Bonus block, and click on the block to add your birthday.


* Free Shipping for Icon Rewards Members applies to destinations within the contiguous US only (lower 48 states). Free Shipping orders are shipped via FedEx Ground Economy (aka FedEx SmartPost). You must be logged into your Indie Lee Rewards account and have Icon status for free shipping to apply.

Indie Lee & Co. reserves the right to make changes to the Indie Insider Rewards program at any time, without notice, including but not limited to point-earning options, free product assortment, discount offerings, point values, tier structure, perks, and policies. Changes are effective from the time of the change going forward and are not retroactive.