Coming Clean with Indie Lee: Season 2 Episode 12

Coming Clean with Indie Lee: Season 2 Episode 12 Coming Clean with Indie Lee: Season 2 Episode 12

The biggest piece of advice I received was to do something that I love, and you don't have to have it all figured out.”  - Tara 

What happens when a make-up artist with a knack for handling people says "screw it" and embarks upon something that can revolutionize the beauty industry as a whole? In this episode, we sit down with the founder of TOK Beauty, Tara O'Kelly, and talk about how she built her emergent beauty brand from scratch and the attitude shifts she underwent along the way.

As a start-up founder, Tara set out to fill a gap in the market that was driven by demand for a more authentic, transparent brand. Her journey was about utilizing her assets and voice like never before to achieve momentum. She built her brand from the ground up while learning the next steps.

Tara shares her remarkable backstory with TOK and explains how she dealt with the various obstacles that came her way. She also talks about the people who gave her the most support in the process. 

Of the many things, Tara's journey teaches us is this - that sometimes, all you need to do is start. The rest naturally follows.

About Tara O’ Kelly
Tara O’ Kelly is the Founder of the Canadian make-up brand TOK Beauty. She started the company as a way to provide women with clean, performance-driven products formulated with plant-based benefits that are simple to use.  

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