Coming Clean with Indie Lee: Season 2 Episode 17

Indie chats with Franceso Clark, Founder and CEO of Clark Botanicals, an anti-aging skincare brand that was introduced out of sheer passion and transformative purpose. Clark’s life story was rewired following a mishap that left him paralyzed from the neck down. It had left him in a deep state of depression, making him question his reason for living. However, over time, Clark regained some movement and the ability to speak and breathe independently. But his mental state was still not there yet. 

Just when everything seemed to be falling apart, Clark began to realize that it wasn’t only him who was in the struggle; it was also the rest of his family that was fighting with him in the process. That led him on a journey to transform lives, and Clark started Clark Botanicals with his father, a homeopathic doctor himself.

What it turned out to become is an inspiring tale of reemergence and survival. Clark teaches to not only take responsibility for your one precious life, but also to become a part of the solution instead of relying on other people entirely - to help you come out of it. 

Listen to the podcast here.