An Evolution: Introducing the New Indie Lee

After months of behind the scenes research, design and testing, we’re finally ready to unveil the new look of Indie Lee. It’s an evolution I am so proud to share. Our looks have changed quite a bit over the years, and while I have loved them all, this evolution really embodies me, my journey, where I’ve been and where the brand is going. I hope you love it as much as I do.

New Look: We’ve made slight elevations of our existing color palette for an even sleeker aesthetic. You’ll notice wider color bands and more descriptors on the bottle to be as educational, empowering and transparent as possible.

New Iconography: We believe in keeping routines simple, effective and personal - that’s why we created the 4 Ps and a B ritual. So we’re introducing a customizable approach to skincare using our clean, efficacious formulas to deliver makeup-optional skin. You’ll start to see new icons on our packaging. Each of these icons represents a dedicated step of the skincare ritual - Prepare, Perfect, Prevent, Protect, and Boost. You can learn more about the ritual here.

Custom Pumps & Componentry: You asked, we listened. We’ve upgraded to custom componentry to complete our new look and to address all of your requests over the years. You’ll see new pumps on products like our Brightening Cleanser, Rosehip Cleanser & CoQ-10 Toner, as well as new droppers our Squalane Facial Oil. They’re designed to answer your requests for no-clogging of pumps, no messy applications, product conservation and more.

Sustainability: Our foldable cartons are still being printed on Forest Stewardship Council paper to do our part to promote responsible management of the world’s forests, as well as continued to use our signature recyclable and reusable glass bottles.

Stay tuned for more updates, you’ll start seeing more of this evolution with our new products rolling out later this year. Without being too cliche, I think the best is yet to come.

Xo, Indie