Embracing a New Chapter: A Personal Health Update from Indie

Dear community,

As I share this update with you, my heart is full of gratitude and hope. Fifteen years ago, I embarked on a mission to redefine skincare by launching Indie Lee after waking up from a life-altering brain surgery. That experience not only shaped my career but also deeply influenced my personal commitment to health and wellness advocacy.

This June marks another significant moment in my journey. As I mentioned in last week's social media post, I’ve been managing multiple new autoimmune issues. After consulting with my neuro-endocrinologist and getting an MRI, we confirmed our suspicions and  I will be undergoing neuro-surgery again this June. This is the same surgery I went through 15 years ago (fortunately this time we know what to expect).  For me, this is a poignant reminder of the fragility and resilience of health. It’s also a moment that brings my mission full circle.

I began this brand with a commitment to safe, effective, and mindful products, but also with a vision to foster a community where we could all learn, grow, and support one another in our wellness journeys. Over the years, we've done just that. This community has been a beacon of strength and encouragement that has illuminated my path.

The Importance of Self-Care

This upcoming surgery has also served as a much-needed stark reminder of the importance of prioritizing our own health. You see, I got so wrapped up in the business of self-care and advocating for others, that I now realize I was deprioritizing my own health. It's a common story, isn't it? We often put our own needs on the back burner to meet deadlines, support others, and push through our to-do lists. But self-care is not just about spa days or indulgent moments—it's about making choices every day that honor and nurture our bodies and minds.

What Lies Ahead

As I step forward to face this challenge, I do so with the love of friends and family, the unwavering support of my work family, and an incredible team of doctors. With them by my side, I am filled with hope and resilience.

Looking ahead, I am more committed than ever to deepening my focus on autoimmune advocacy, exploring holistic approaches to health that emphasize longevity over anti-aging (as I said in my last blog post I can speak from the heart when I say aging is a privilege), and strengthening my dedication to educating and empowering this community.  

Let’s Keep the Conversation Going

I invite you to join me in this conversation. Follow me on my personal IG account @indielee.  I'd love to know wow do you prioritize your health and self-care? Share your stories and strategies with me. Let's support each other in remembering that our health is our most precious asset.

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful community. Your engagement and support mean the world to me. I look forward to sharing this next chapter with you and growing together in wellness and empowerment.

With all my love and gratitude,


PS meet my soon to be neighbors: Lawrence and Margie