Embracing Resilience: Navigating Life with My Autoimmune Squad

Living with a team of autoimmune diseases for over two decades has been a journey filled with unexpected challenges and undeniable resilience. My autoimmune squad (as I affectionately refer to them ) comprised of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vitiligo, a brain tumor, and ovarian failure, and my most recent addition, Crohn’s Disease, occasionally unleashes havoc in my body, resulting in what I've come to term as "autoimmune storms."

These storms, unpredictable and relentless, have taught me that even when I'm doing everything "right" – from medications to supplements and a carefully curated diet – they can still rebel, causing chaos for days, weeks and sometimes months before settling down again. Accepting that these storms are an inevitable part of my journey has been a crucial shift. It took away some of their power, allowing me to focus on rebuilding and moving forward once they pass.

Navigating Autoimmune Storms

In the midst of these storms, I've learned not to blame myself. Rather than dwelling on what I might have done differently, I now understand that these flares are a natural part of my autoimmune journey. They come and go, and I've embraced the understanding that I can weather the toughest of them. This acceptance doesn't diminish my efforts to prevent and manage flares, but it does free me from unnecessary self-blame.

Building Resilience

Living with this autoimmune squad has undeniably made life more challenging. Yet, paradoxically, it has also cultivated a profound resilience within me. I've come to appreciate the good days more, never taking my health for granted. On the challenging days, I've learned to ask for help without hesitation and to release the pressure I used to put on myself. These conditions are a part of me, but they don’t define me.

I refuse to let my autoimmune squad dictate the course of my life. Instead, I choose to pursue my passions while prioritizing self-care. This resilience, forged through countless storms, propels me forward even on the most difficult days.

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XO, Indie