Bamboo Extract

Family Poaceae (Grasses). A popular plant due to its ability to grow quickly and sustainably and for its many health benefits in foods, medicine and skincare. The shoot is one of the riches plant sources of silica - an ingredient produced throughout the body that diminishes as we age. Geography: Found in the tropics and throughout Asia.

Historical Uses

It is commonly found in shampoos and conditioners for its restorative effects that lead to healthier looking and shinier hair. It is found in nail treatments to strengthen nails and it is also found in lotions, masks, and anti-aging creams for its ability to retain moisture and improve the skins elasticity.

Stories & Legends

There are two stories on how Bamboo got its name. The first is that it comes from the ancient Indian name for bamboo, "mambu". The other is that the name is Malayan and comes from the explosive sound bamboo makes when it burns. "Bam-Boom".