Here’s the best way to apply eye cream

Ever wondered how you should be applying eye cream? Here are Indie’s best tips for getting the maximum results out of your daily eye creams.

1. Less is more

Sometimes, less is more - and that’s definitely the case with richer eye creams like our Restorative Eye Cream. At most, you need only a pea sized amount for both eyes. Yes, that little! 

2. Cover your entire orbital area

Some people might apply eye cream focusing solely on the direct under eye skin, but we love putting it both below and above the eyes, tracing the orbital bone. It helps boost the overall brightening effect on the entire eye area, which we love. If you’re using an eye cream that targets the visible signs of aging like fine lines, apply any leftover to the area between eyebrows!

3. Be gentle! 

The skin around our eyes is the most delicate, so we have to treat it gently. Apply in a light tapping motion with your ring finger for the lightest touch - and give the cream at least one minute to completely absorb. 

4. Apply Last

With a richer texture like our Restorative Eye Cream, it’s best to apply last in your skincare ritual, right after you apply your facial moisturizer. A quick rule of thumb for layering is to start with your lightest textures and finish with your richest textures. More on skincare layering here.