Keep Skin Looking Young

Whether you’re 25 or 75, aging gracefully is a cliché you have most likely heard at some point. You may have heard it first from a woman you admire, whose effortless approach to beauty you can’t help but notice, or perhaps you use it as an excuse to splurge on a beauty treatment (looking at you vampire facial). Regardless of where you first heard these potent words, we can definitely all relate to their timeless meaning. After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel young at heart forever? Our version of aging gracefully has just as much to do with maintaining healthy, supple skin as it does with embracing the beauty marks and laugh lines that make us unique. So we’ve created our own version of a fountain of youth by following these tips and tricks for smooth, glowing skin so our young-at-heart selves shine through from the inside out.

You are what you eat. 

It’s not a coincidence that the best skincare products are loaded with nutrients that we also use to fuel our bodies. Ingredients derived from nature such as Vitamin C and powerful antioxidants do wonders for our skin, preserving that plump, youthful look, promoting hydration, and keeping our skin feeling soft and glowing. “I feel most beautiful when I am eating and practicing an overall healthy lifestyle,” says Indie, “I truly believe that beauty is an inside job, so healthy eating (fruits, veggies, etc.) and gut health is very important, especially for your skin. We believe what you put in your body as well as what you put on it are equally important.”

Stay out of the sun.

Floppy hats and SPF are undoubtedly the real MVPs of healthy, happy and younger looking skin. By exposing your skin to harmful UV rays, you can end up undoing the hard work you have done by meticulously sticking to your skincare routine. Our go-to is curling up with a good book under a big umbrella.

Get some rest. 

You’re not only doing your mind and body a favor when you get the elusive eight hours of sleep each night. Your skin will surely thank you, too. Today's tech-driven culture has replaced downtime with screen time, creating an environment where true relaxation and healing, and ultimately sleep, can often get placed on the back burner. The reality is that we should ideally be spending a third of our lives sleeping, making it a necessity and not a luxury. Dull, dehydrated skin can be a result of not getting enough zzz's, but the good news is that hitting the (silk) pillow can be an antidote. 

Establish a ~hydrating~ skincare regime.

A hydrating skincare routine is a key component of achieving radiant results, which as we know is a hallmark of healthy, happy skin at every age. “If there are two products you shouldn’t skip, it’s a cleanser and moisturizer – they’ll help keep your skin healthy, hydrated, and happy,” says Indie about how to implement an achievable yet effective routine. Applying products to the complexion not only gives an instant glow, but consistent application can ensure that skin stays hydrated day after day. A routine that incorporates hydrating moisturizers, oils, and serums atop soothing cleansers is a surefire way to get that ageless, dewy glow. Lucky for you, we have already asked our skin experts to outline the perfect daily skincare regime and correlating products that are customizable for all types of skin. 

  • Step one is to prepare the skin by cleansing. This is essential for every well-rounded skin and body care routine. A gentle cleanser is just the thing to rid your face of dirt or impurities, the key is to cleanse with a formula that won’t strip the skin. Shop cleansing products here. 
  • Step two is perfect the skin. This is the priming step that preps the face for subsequent products, ensuring subsequent products can perform optimally. After all, you want your moisturizers and serums to be able to do their work. "so they can optimally absorb and perform. Toners, peels, and masks are ideal for perfecting the skin. Shop step two products here
  • Step three is to prevent, which refers to applying those results-driven products made from powerful formulas. Shop step three products here
  • Lastly, step four is to protect. This final step incorporates products used to help renew environmentally stressed skin, namely oils, moisturizers and creams. Apply these products as your final skincare step (pre-SPF of course) and step out with radiance. Shop step four products here

By prioritizing a thorough and consistent skincare routine, you can achieve that lasting glow. 

While there is no magic dial to turn back the clock, the good news is that your best skin can be in your future. Embrace your most youthful-looking skin  with our COSMOS-certified products that offer the best of clean beauty, proving that nature is on your side. Shop the collection