Indie’s Energizing Morning Ritual

So many of you often ask me on social or at events my morning ritual is, so I thought this would be a perfect time to share how I have been starting my day recently. It’s perfect timing because I actually made the decision this year to start getting into bed earlier so I can wake up for “Me Time” in the morning before the rest of the house starts stirring.⁠ 

I’ve read so many books that have discussed the benefits of early rising for mental, physical and professional development, so I figured I should give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen? I fall asleep earlier for a few nights? So, for the last two months, I’ve been getting up around 5am. 

What a serious game changer! I can’t believe I let my FOMO of staying up late get in the way of prioritizing myself. ⁠⠀

It allows me to start with proactivity. Plus, I no longer feel like I’m running around trying to frantically get things done, which in many instances results in me not getting things done. To be honest, until I started to look at how I spend my free time, I had no idea how much time I wasted scrolling through social media watching cute animal videos at night. So without further adieu, here’s how my mornings have been going:  ⁠⠀

5am: Rise and Shine. Wake up and sip some warm water and lemon 

5am - 5:30am: My meditation practice. I’ve been practicing Transcendental Meditation for over 4 years. Meditation never came easy for me but I knew a number of people who swore by it, so I decided to commit to trying. I can honestly say it changed my life. Those 20+ minutes in the morning helps me stay present and mindful through the day. I end my day with it as well. 

5:30am - 6am: Journaling and affirmations. Journaling was actually the hardest thing for me to implement (and still is). I find it hard to write my innermost thoughts down without fear that it will be read and judged. Anyone else like that? But, I receive so much benefit when I do sit down and actually commit. I find that prompted journaling has helped get me over the hump. I highly recommend any journals or practices by Alex Elle.

6am - 6:30am: I take the time to make my smoothie and fresh almond milk if needed. This is not an affiliate link and I’m no way connected to them - but the Almond Cow alt milk maker is incredible. I had no idea what was in the almond milk I was buying until I started to really research, plus it’s so much yummier.

This is also when I do some low impact exercise - OK this is when I should be committed to doing it daily. Hey, I’m not perfect and I know I need to make this a daily habit. I’m a work in progress like everyone else. I’ve fallen in love with the Higher Dose Sauna Blanket so that’s a go to during the week as well. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and it has done wonders for me.

6:30am -7:30am: This is my favorite time of the day. I text my best friend ‘GMS’, which is short for ‘Good Morning, Sunshine’. We have texted this to each other for the past 12 years every day. It’s a small but mighty reminder from two besties that we are connected and always there for one another.

I also use this time to read or listen to podcasts and my time for personal development. In my opinion, we can only grow as people if we invest the proper care and time. It could be anything from research on autoimmune diseases, to self improvement and spirituality, to trends in the beauty and wellness industry. I consider myself a lifelong student and by creating this dedicated learning time in the morning, ‘life’ doesn’t get in the way.

7:30am: My clean skincare routine. Suffice to say, I use my own clean and cruelty free skincare products here. 

Cleanser: I wash my face in the shower with our Brightening Cleanser and my body with our Energize Body Wash. The scent is SO invigorating and the perfect pick me up to start my day. 

I follow with my Energize Body Oil. It’s just as important to have a body care routine as it is having a facial skincare routine - the skin is our largest organ, we’ve got to take care of all of it! If I’m really dry I’ll use our Whipped Body Butter. It’s like a blanket of moisture for your skin.

Toner: Then I follow with our cult favorite CoQ-10 Toner. I also use the Toner as a makeup setting spray after makeup application. Oh, and the morning sauna blanket sessions I mentioned above. I definitely sweat it out, so I use the CoQ-10 toner to wipe down my face and remove any pore clogging buildup afterwards. This clean beauty product truly is a multi-tasker.

Serum: I use two drops of our Stem Cell Serum and two drops of our Daily Vitamin Infusion, which is a hydrating facial serum packed with plant Ceramides, Squalane Oil, Rosemary Extract. I finish with our clinically proven I-Waken Eye Serum, which contains spirulina, arnica and hyaluronic acid.

Moisturizer: I lock in moisture with Superfruit Facial Cream and Restorative Eye Cream. These cruelty-free products are great to use at nighttime, too. 

Then a little clean and cruelty free makeup and I’m on my way...