T-1 Week Until Brain Surgery: Thanking You All

What a tough few days. I am down to the home stretch. Just another week and this chapter of my life will be done. Last week was the shopping extravaganza. If you never had the opportunity to go shopping with a celebrity lifestyle expert then you haven’t really lived. I don’t think Lord and Taylor will ever be the same – at least I know the shoe department won’t be. Now I realize that I will be in bed for a few days recovering so shoes shouldn’t be on the top of the list – but a gal’s gotta have kick ass slippers. Unfortunately, this gal did not find them yet. What we did find was some fabulous “sleeping clothes, a matching pink pashmina in case I get chilly and a great new lip color to match”. BFF I love you for a fabulous day.

I’d like to thank my family for all of the cards and calls that I have received over the past week. I realize for some of you this all came as new news. There is a saying that goes, “everything happens for a reason” perhaps now we will all keep in touch with each other on a regular basis to remind us all about the importance of family and not just when life events occur.

To my immediate family who has been keeping a strong front, I thank you. I know watching and waiting for new news or the other shoe to drop has not been an easy road. But I do know it has brought us closer as a family. I look forward to sharing so many fun times together this summer with all of the kids.

I would also like to thank those friends both new and old that have made time over the past few weekends to see me and reconnect. Whether it was dinner or drinks to say hello after so many years, flying up from Florida for a weekend, flying in from California or simply driving me to the beach to have a cup of coffee and just “be” on one of my toughest days. Those thoughts are forever ingrained in my mind. Even those who haven’t been able to see me have made it a point to write me meaningful notes and letters to let me know how I have made an impact on their life. While this latest update is by no means a goodbye – as I plan to kick Herman’s ass next week in surgery…it is a great opportunity to open up and say not only thank you but give you all recognition for what you have done for me.

A few of you have even made mention that when I wake up things for me will never be the same. I guess anytime you go through risky surgery this is true. I can share that already I’ve changed immeasurably. I am definitely stronger, more independent, a better writer and willing to take more risks (as if I wasn’t a risk taker already).

My gift to all of you is to learn from this – it shouldn’t take a life threatening surgery to realize that this life is not a dress rehearsal. Never put off the important things until tomorrow. The easy road isn’t always the best, sometimes it is just the easiest. Complacency is not a form of success – EVER. But the one that I want to remind you most of is about what happens to the man who takes no risks….nothing. Folks, take the risk and live.

I assure you I have not one regret going into next week. I have had the privilege of a life rich with experience. I have traveled the world, had a full and amazing career once through by the age of 30, I’ve swam with dolphins and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes. I’ve let my friends know how much I respect and care for them and been there to hold them when they didn’t know if it would be OK. I have told the people I love, just how much I love them. I’ve known the warmth of having two beautiful children put into my arms right after I gave life to them. And I also know what home can feel like when you are in the arms of someone you love.

Be well and I will see you all soon.

Xx, Indie