Welcome To The Rest Of My Life

To be honest, I don’t know where to begin.

I was so overwhelmed before I went into surgery by the amazing words of encouragement and support that I had received. But nothing, nothing prepared me for what has happened since. The heartfelt words that were written on my Facebook page, the emails sent, the beautiful cards that I received when I came home last week. Unfortunately, it takes events like these to realize how much you are loved and thought of and as such Thank You doesn’t seem to do it justice. A close friend reminded me the other day that “you can tell the true measure of a (wo)man by the company (s)he keeps” and if I were ever unsure of who I am and my place in the world to take stock of what has occurred and I what I created in terms of community. I was of course taken back by the enormity of what they said, but later that evening when I was laying in bed, really started to think about the depth of it and the consequences of our action and words. Please accept this humble thank you for your support and encouragement. My continued health and fast recovery is due in large part to you all. I am forever grateful.

As most of you already know the surgery was a complete success. Herman has left the building. Once of the greatest pieces of advice I received before going into surgery was to make sure I was in a great mental/emotional place before I went under, because the body would retain that position when I woke up. I took their advice to heart and kicked some royal Butt! I was so upbeat and so ready for this surgery nothing was going to deter me from waking up to see my kids and having the rest of my life to enjoy. In fact I don’t think the doctors were prepared for Indie “Mary Poppins” Lee. I walked into the OR head held high politely asked the surgical team (all 10 people in the Operating Suite) “Are we ready to kick a little Ass? Let’s get this thing out already!”. After 4.5 hours the doctors were able to successfully remove Herman with very little complications. I woke up true to my friends words, happy, excited and alive. What the OR nurses who stayed with me in recovery couldn’t believe is that I woke up with a huge smile. I was not nauseas, bewildered, confused….just looking to find out how long until happy hour. Yes, I really did ask for a scotch and cigar in recovery a few minutes after waking up! Ask Dayna, she can attest.

My recovery went just as smoothly in ICU – mentally that is. Yes, we had a few minor hiccups medically and yes we are still monitoring my pituitary functions closely…but nothing, NOTHING is or was going to get in my way of recovering fully and moving forward. I can promise you all that. The tales are true, my BFF made sure my hospital bed was beautiful, my hair was presentable, lipstick was on and YES – I did wear awesome PJ’s before welcoming all of the amazing visitors – My entire family and friends (yes – I also received and continue to wear a tiara from another princess).

Friday I was moved to a regular room and finally was able to see the two most important people in my life. Emily and Jacob – just thinking about seeing them walk into the room makes me both smile and tear. Of course they were true to form. Jacob came over to me and asked “is it really over, did they really get everything, are you really going to live mommy?” Emily asked if the tiara I was wearing was mine and could she have it. That night was then topped off by a visit from Ellen & Ellen complete with French food. Yes, Indie had escargot. Love Ya gals.

Saturday I was discharged directly under the care of another amazing friend. Again, no words can do the acts of kindness and generosity credit. She took me to her apartment in the city and nursed me back to health for the next 4 days, waking up in the middle of the night to make sure I took my medicine, checking in to make sure I wasn’t running fevers, monitoring my progress with the doctor’s, all the while taking care of her husband and kids back at their home in CT. Now that gal can multi task. “S”, I love you and thank you for all of your warmth, love and care.

I am now resting comfortably at home and getting stronger every day. More importantly, I am making every day count. Something I urge you all to not take lightly. If you take nothing else away from what I have gone through, please remember that this life is not a dress rehearsal, so go out there and make it count. Be Happy. Love the Life you Live and Live the Life you Love. I know I intend to.

Now to the information many of you have been waiting for. The early Pathology is in and everything points to a positive and full recovery. While I do have some additional information, I do not have it in entirety and would not be able to answer and follow up questions – and I know I have tons, so I can imagine some of you will as well. As such, in true Indie fashion I am waiting until I am fully in the know to go public – but again I will reiterate my true belief and initial reaction from the doctors - nothing but good things to come!

Xx, Indie