Family: Arecaceae/Palmae. This type of palm tree grows in humid tropical environments, up to a height of 100 feet tall and can produce as many as 70 fruits (coconuts) annually. After the ripe fruit is picked, the hard shell is opened and the solid interior is removed and dried. The oil is derived via cold pressing. Up to 50% of its chemical composition is from fatty acids. Geography: It is believed to have originated in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines) and the islands between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

Historical Uses

Coconut Oil has been used for treating wounds and as a moisturizer and aid in treating dry skin, contact dermatitis, and to enhance hair health. Coco-glucoside is a surfactant and foaming and cleansing agent that is known to be gentle enough for all skin types. It is derived from coconut and fruit sugars. Potasium Cocoate, a potassium salt derived from coconut oil and high in moisturizing substance glycerine, can be found in soaps and shampoos.

Stories & Legends

As a portable source of both food and drink, the coconut was an integral part of the development of trade routes and colonization in and around the tropics.