Jasmine Flower

Family Oleaceae. A climbing shrub that grows to 15 feet tall, with lovely, sweet smelling white flowers that bloom only at night. The flower, which contains over 100 aromatic chemical compounds (mainly Linalool) is the part used. The oil is extremely expensive to produce as it take a huge number of flowers to yield even a tiny amount of oil. Geography: Believed to have originated in tropical regions of Asia, its most popular varieties are found in China, Egypt, India, Morocco, France and Italy.

Historical Uses

This is most widely used in perfumes, lotions and massage oils for its fragrance and aromatherapeutic benefits. Study results indicate aromatherapeutically, it is an effective sleep aid and mood enhancer. The oil also provides hydration to dry, cracked skin and positively impacts the appearance and irritation associated with dermatitis.

Stories & Legends

This sensual smelling shrub has a reputation for being an aphrodisiac and is often linked to love and romance. In 1930, during the US depression Jean Patou launched Joy perfume, the most expensive perfume at the time, due to the 10,500 flowers it takes to make each 1.5 oz bottle. That is a lot of love in each bottle.