Ylang Ylang Flower Oil

Family Annonaceae. This flowering Ylang Ylang tree (prounounce Lang Lang) has drooping leaves that emit a pleasant scent (from linalool). The oil is obtained through steam distillation of its bright yellow flowers. Geography: Native to tropical areas of Asia (especially Indonesia and the Phillipines) and Madagascar, Africa.

Historical Uses

Used for its aromatherapeutic properties and lovely scent. It is found in massage and bath oils as well as fragrances.

Stories & Legends

Legend has it that when Coco Chanel was working to formulate the perfect female fragrance, she chose the 5th of many samples blends (which included Ylang ylang, Jasmine and Rose) to create her world famous Chanel No 5. Since Ylang Ylang is believed to be an aphrodisaiac, it is an Indonesian tradition to spread its petals across the bed of newly married couples.